CDVS is here to help.

Caledon\Dufferin Victim Services is a not-for-profit, charitable organization serving the Town of Caledon and the County of Dufferin. We are a police based, volunteer driven organization offering 24 hour, 7 day a week short-term crisis support, practical assistance, information and referral programs to victims of crime, tragic circumstance and disaster. Our agency offers one-to-one, confidential assistance to help deal

Who do we help?

We help those whose personal rights have been violated by criminal, violent or aggressive acts. We help family, close friends, and witnesses of person(s) who have been injured or killed as a result of a serious accident or as a result of crime, as well as anyone who has been affected by a trauma, tragedy or disaster. The short commercial produced by Ontario Victim Services sums it up: Every Victitm Matters.

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How do we help?

CDVS can help by providing: crisis
intervention and emotional support, general assistance and practical aid, non-judgmental advice, support, information and referrals to community agencies. Our help allows for the opportunity to vent and have feelings validated and we can provide information on police procedure, the criminal justice system, community services, resources and compensation for victims of violent crimes. We can also help by providing assistance and accompaniment at court, safety planning and Support Link Wireless Phones preprogrammed to dial 911 in an emergency situation.

with the aftermath arising from an incident or situation, often limiting the effects of crisis and helping victims to return their lives to a desired degree of stability. Representatives of the agency work closely with community agencies to provide an efficient and comprehensive service ensuring that the needs of each victim are properly met.

Why do we help?

CDVS helps so that the victim can cope with the impact of crime, tragedy or disaster. We will be there to lessen the effects of trauma and crisis and to encourage the victim to connect with other services for longer-term assistance and support. We wish to make victims aware of programs that provide immediate financial assistance subsequent to serious criminal acts and to improve their safety. We also help because we wish to increase awareness of victimization issues. Finally, we help so that police and other emergency service providers can leave a scene.

Who do we work with?

CDVS works with local police agencies, community organizations, care giving professionals and other victim assistance organizations to provide timely referrals to victims of crime, tragic circumstance or disaster. It is part of our mandate to encourage victims to connect with other services for longer-term assistance and support. We
are part of a victim_servicesnetwork of victim service organizations across Ontario, the Ontario Network of Victim Service Providers.